• January 29, 2015
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Selection from Miami Ironside Interview

Amid the launch of Design Escape and with the city full of buzz during Art Week Miami, a new showroom here at Ironside also opened – Simple Steps founded by Elena Giradello, a charismatic entrepreneur who turned the Miami Ironside warehouse space into a stunning designed showroom that carries a variety of Italian luxury brands including DomusLift, TREND Mosaics and Terrazzo tiles, Granite Transformation recycle glass countertops, to name a few.

Simple Steps is a place where the dynamic world of design meets the romantic, where all your fears just vanish and you realize there is joy in what you do, says Giradello. Our mission is to create a welcoming and creative environment where we can postively affect people’s life through design and  quality products. Choosing materials is a process where everybody deserves to be listened to and treated with great respect. It’s our goal to translate the vision of our customers.

It was love at first sight! This incredible place is filled with good energy and a  great sense of community. It is like a village, with a variety of people who share the same passion and a lifestyle. 

Counterculture/ How did you get your start in the design field? 

I worked for 13 years for Trend Group in Italy and since 2005 in their U.S. office. Through Trend I had the opportunity to explore new horizons, encounter different products and work with amazing designers and architects. After managing the Granite Transformations showroom in the Miami Design District, I decided to open my own space to explore the beauty of different materials and solutions – and through that Simple Steps was born.

Counterculture/ What inspires you work and products you carry? Where do you find the products –visits to design fairs, visits to Europe, personal relationships with designers or architects?

I look for quality, creativity and originality. I need to follow in love with what I offer and most of all I partner with people who share my same passion and ethic.

Counterculture/ In your own words, what do you think characterizes luxury Italian design from the larger design market?

Passion, creativity and artisan handcraft – which is transferred in what we do.

NITEROI-GRIGIO---HEBERT-EVARISTO-E-LUIZA-FORTKAMP---CASA-COR-SC-2014-(4)Counterculture/ What projects, new design collections are on the horizon for the future?

Our next collection to feature is wood mosaic. Real pieces of jewellery for wall coverings made by MOSARTE in Brazil.