Engineered surfaces are non-porous, stain-resistant and protected with ForeverSeal® technology so no resealing or maintenance is required. Made by fusing recycled tempered glass , semi precious man made stone, stone fragments and quarts, our material is versatile in application and in looks. Only ¼” thick, our surfaces are endowed with industrial strength and grant the ability to be placed on existing surfaces without demolition such as countertops, floors and walls. You can use it to remodel your home, business, RV, Boat or just about anything.

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Keep your counter tops fresh by using current colors and textures. Glossy or matte, mirror specs or brightly colored, you have many options to choose from.




With a variety of traditional colors, warm and cool alike, you can upgrade your counter tops to match the style of your home or business.




A unique look, back lit counter tops give any room a beautiful effect. Perfect for bars and kitchen, during the day it looks as expected but during the night it gives a performance of light.