Terrazzo flooring has been around for thousands of years; in fact, it’s so durable, archeologists have discovered floors that were laid during the heyday of Ancient Rome, and they’re still in great shape. Trend terrazzo is made from post-consumer materials like stone and glass and combined with a durable binder for long-lasting beauty even under regular, heavy use. Trend uses a special binding agent and process to repel water and resist scratching while also minimizing noise, making their terrazzo floors the perfect choice for both home and commercial applications.

Available in multiple colors and sizes, from the standard 12”x12” to a large commercial slab with a maximum size of 118” x 48”, a nominal thickness of ¼” and a weight of approximately 2.87 lbs/sqf. Offered in gloss, matte or honed finish.

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This collection is available in several colors to provide the designer greater creative opportunities. Unique colors to bring subtle, or dramatic, variety to the installation. A blend of post-consumer recycled glass, granite with different size grits, quartz, post-consumer porcelain and some colors are enhanced by using mirror chips, mother of pearl and aventurina.

Color 460 shown

Floor 460 and Fashionable wallpaper




In addition to the diamond-polished collections, there are also four matte-finished surfaces, in shades of ecru, beige, anthracite and grey, offering different decorative solutions for interiors and exteriors.

Honed finish comes in a large variety of colors, smooth to the touch, it gives a unique effect and feel.

Matte 620 and 655 planks shown.

Floor 630 and 655 matt




Specialty Sizes Available Upon Request

  • 12” x 12”
  • 12” x 24”
  • 24” x 24”
  • 24″ x48″
  • 24” x 59”
  • 48” x 48”
  • 118” x 24”


Robinson TestSlip resistant, ASTM,E84, E648, DIN, UNI and C627.  Meets safety standards.

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