Pools come in many shapes and sizes, they are indoor or outdoor, traditional or modern.  Often one of the main attraction’s to a home or business, because of that it is important to have a pool that is welcoming, relaxing and beautiful.

Custom mosaic mixes can be made that use traditional blue’s or go the unconventional route with a black or red pool. For more solid effect pick from our large selection of colors or have a custom mosaic medallion and accent piece. Made from recycled glass these mosaics are environmentally friendly and durable. Gold mosaics are also available to incorporate, giving a metallic effect or choose from our collections of glittering and iridescent tiles.




Indoor pools are popular for colder climate regions for both private homes and businesses. Lighter colored mixes work great for indoor pools. We have many mixes available or you can create your own.




Personalizing your homes pool can be a daunting task, making sure you pick the right colors or styles. With the variety of colors, sheen’s, styles and textures you will be able to find something to suite your tastes.





Hotels and resort have to have pools that stand our from the rest. With the customization options available, any commercial location can create a design that sets them apart and creates a relaxing environment for their patrons.





For a one of a kind pool, have a custom created mosaic design that reflects your style and interests.





Incorporating gold into a design for a pool is sure to make it the showpiece of a home or commercial location. Yellow and white gold is available along with flat or corrugated surfaces options.





A jacuzzi can use the same palette as the rest of the pool or it can use a contrasting color or texture. With a smaller surface, a jacuzzi can be a accent piece to the pool and its surroundings.